For those experiencing difficulty viewing in 3D VR mode
using blue box-type "" promotional VR headset provided by SHIMA SEIKI

How to Use

Click on the download button and download the correct app for your device.

Upon start-up, the Theme Selection screen appears.

Theme Selection
Select a theme by using the arrows on each side.
Tap or click on the logo in the upper right corner to launch the main page of this site in your browser.

Model Selection
Once a theme is selected, swipe or use the arrows to select a model. Tap or click on the model in the center to view it in virtual space.
Tag icons indicate individual items worn by the model. Tap or click on the tag to display that item's details.
Use the return button to revert to the Theme Selection screen.

Virtual Space
Once in virtual space, use the buttons along the bottom to move within the space, or automatically rotate the model. Swipe or drag to rotate manually, and pinch to zoom in and out.
When the icon in the upper left corner indicates "2D" use the Flip button, or tap or click on the model to check the back side.
When the icon in the upper left corner indicates VR goggles, tap on it to switch to VR mode.

VR Mode
VR mode is for smartphone use only. Wear VR goggles to experience VR to its fullest.
Tilt the smartphone to either side to rotate the model.
To exit VR Mode double-tap the screen.